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Jon L.


Ariel is simply the best. He won’t settle for anything but perfection. He is ever thorough in his work and genuine in his approach.

I first came to Starland Dentistry for a second opinion, when my previous dentist wanted to charge in excess of $400 for a deep-cleaning. Ariel said the procedure was overkill, and his staff was able to address the issue with a standard cleaning.

Since then, I’ve always trusted Starland Dentistry’s staff for their honesty and work ethic (important things since most people know nothing about dentistry). Ariel consistently takes the time to explain what he is doing and why it matters – in ways that an average person can understand. It’s not just, “brush your teeth!” With his newfangled technology, Ariel shows blown up photos and describes the various relationship between teeth, gum and bone – and how comprehensive hygiene techniques can promote longer life and greater patient comfort.

Further, he makes comfort a priority – checking in with me if I wiggle in the chair during a routine cleaning or check up. I simply know that I can always trust and have confidence in Starland Dentistry’s work.

I have just moved from Los Angeles to San Diego. However, despite this distance, I will be retaining Starland Dentistry for their services. Their integrity as practitioners has me as a patient for life.

R. T.


Long overdue… Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are just top shelf, with every visit they have gone out of there way to make it as comfortable and as painless as possible.
That’s why I give them a full five stars, way to go team!

Monica L.

Oct 2013

Dr. Rodriguez is awesome!!! He is thorough, explains everything, and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. After all the dentist I’ve been too, not one has made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and be involved in the process. I was actually intimidated to inquire about work and during a cleaning he initiated a conversation about my dental goals and now we are working together to transform my smile! It was that simple. I’m looking forward to my treatment. THANK YOU!!!
OH, and the staff does not fall too far from the Dentist tree! They are as equally awesome! Kudos to your office, Dr. Rodriguez!

Richard H.


The pace is relaxed and unhurried. Dr. Rodriguez is up on the latest in dental research and carefully explains the process of treatment. The technology is state of the art, the office is run impeccably and the staff is friendly. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes and scheduling an appointment is easy.

This man is real. He truly cares about you as a person and is concerned about your wellbeing all along the way. I wish all my doctors were like him. I couldn’t recommend Starland Dentistry more highly.

Brittany G.


Absolutely amazing! Like most people, I shudder at the thought of having to go to the dentist. However, Dr. Rodriguez has completely changed that. He’s incredibly nice, friendly and as welcoming as they get. When I first arrived, he came out to greet me personally. I’ve never had that done before! The staff overall is as good as it gets. The environment is warm, friendly and you can tell that they care about you and not your pocketbook. If you’re reading this, you should just call and make an appointment. I can talk about how great my dentist is, but you’re better off finding out first hand!

Julie J.


Truthfully, this dentist and his staff are “as good as it gets!” I went to Dr. Rodriguez because a friend recommended him and his staff to me. It’s a slight drive since I live in downtown Los Angeles, but it’s definitely worth it. Not only is Dr. Rodriguez professional, genuine, and positive, he also truly cares about his patients. An added bonus, he’s got awesome taste in music, which helps when you’re sitting there for an hour. Real mellow. I got my x-rays done, teeth cleaned, and some work done on a couple of chipped teeth. Everything was state of the art and the work he did on my teeth turned out beautiful. Highly recommend.

renee y.


Oh my goooodness! I love this man ! I went to see him after I had a brand new veneer fall out twice from a previous dentist. I now have a new grill and won’t scare small children when I smile at them! Dr. Rodriguez is very calming, he has a soft voice & relaxed demeanor, which is awesome when someone is sticking a needle into your mouth! He truly cares about the quality of his work as well as your experience in his office. His staff is exceedingly friendly, I’m a shy person most of the time, but I found myself chatting with them as if we were old friends. My experience with Starland Dental was so amazing that I may just have to get a few more cavities just so I can visit them again! If you want an enjoyable experience and quality work, you should visit Dr. Rodriguez!

David H.


Dr. Rodriguez is amazing. I am one of those people who dread going to the dentist. He makes it a totally different experience from what I remember in the past. He explains completely what is about to happen and why you need it done. I had a chipped front tooth I had been living with for 20 years, no dentist I had gone to let me know how easily it could be fixed. Dr. Rodriguez fixed it in about half an hour, I am so glad I found him, I am actually looking forward to June for my next cleaning!

Jackie V.


Dr. Ariel is THE nicest dentist I have ever encountered. His work is top notch and I always feel very comfortable when I’m at the office getting my teeth cleaned/worked on. I highly recommend him for anyone who gets nervous about dental work. He is great! And worth the drive from Hollywood!

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